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The Mongol Conquests

The Military Operations of Genghis Khan and Sube'etei

Author : Carl Fredrik Sverdrup

The Mongol Conquests : The Military Operations of Genghis Khan and Sube'etei


General - Pages : 392 | Images : 25 maps

Paperback - Date of Publication : March 2020 | Size : 245mm x 170mm | ISBN : 9781913336059 | Helion Book Code : HEL1232

Hardback - Date of Publication : February 2017 | Size : 245mm x 170mm | ISBN : 9781910777718 | Helion Book Code : HEL0636

The Mongols created the greatest landlocked empire known to history. It was an empire created and sustained by means of conquest. Initially an insignificant tribal leader, Genghis Khan gradually increased his power, overcoming one rival after another. After he had subjugated all tribes of Inner Asia, he struck southward into China and later attacked distant Khwarizm in the Near East. Sübe’etei continued to make significant conquests after Genghis Khan died, conquering central China and leading a large force into the heart of Europe. Between them, Genghis Khan and Sube’etei directed more than 40 campaigns, fought more than 60 battles, and conquered all lands from Korea in the east to Hungary and Poland in the west. 

This book offers a detailed narrative of the military operations of these two leaders, based on early Mongolian, Chinese, Near Eastern, and European sources. Making full use of Chinese sourced not translated properly into any European language, the account offer details never before given in English works. Detailed maps showing the operations support the text. Many conventional wisdom views of the Mongols, such as their use of terror as a deliberate strategy, or their excellence at siege warfare, are shown to be incorrect. This is a major contribution to our knowledge of the Mongols and their way of warfare.

“This is a very valuable addition to the literature on the Mongol conquests, giving us a much clearer idea of the detailed course of their campaigns, the world in which they took place, and the methods used to win them.” History of War

“This is big history, and the author's style makes it compelling and readable.” Books Monthly

“ … This book is a treasure. The closest book I can compare it to would be Chandler's 'The Campaigns of Napoleon', and should be on every history lover's bookshelf.” A Wargamer’s Needful Things blogsite

“ … a scholarly, detailed history of how the Mongols created the greatest landlocked empire in history, eventually spanning from Korea in the east to Hungary and Poland in the west. Focusing especially on the military operations of these two great generals, The Mongol Conquest draws upon Mongolian, Chinese, Near Eastern, and European sources to reconstruct these ancient campaigns that made world history. The Mongol Conquests also presents evidence to contradict popular beliefs about the Mongols, such as that they used terror as a deliberate strategy or possessed skill at siege warfare. The Mongol Conquests is highly recommended for both public and college library world history or military history shelves.” Midwest Book Review

“ … An essential reference to help navigate the complicated chronology and countless personalities… An essential contribution to the fields of Mongol, Inner Asian and military history.” Journal of Military History

“ … immensely insightful and worthy of the time spent understanding its thorough contents … the book is organized in a thoughtful and excellent fashion … This book is particularly worthwhile in the way that it frames the discussion of the Mongol army and its operations in a variety of contexts.” De Re Militari

“ … well written overall …” Michigan War Studies Review

"Most of us have heard of Genghis Khan and his Mongols and the massive empire they created across Asia in the 13th Century. Less well known is that the Empire continued to expand after his death under his great general Sube'etei. Carl Fredrik Sverdrup’s book dissects the military campaigns that brought this about, focusing on operational aspects. The result is a detailed and authoritative account that will be hard to surpass.....Overall, Sverdrup’s book is an excellent introduction to the Mongol conquests of the 13th Century and a ‘must-read’ for enthusiasts of mediaeval warfare in the East." Hamsterwrangler.com


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