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Tomasz Borowski

Tomasz Borowski has been interested in history practically since childhood and for many years has been studying the acts of foreign volunteer formations of Waffen SS, especially Scandinavian, French and Walloon troops, which got involved in bloody battles in declining period of World War II. His fascination arose at the time when he realized, how much influence have had these small but extremely valiant and brave troops on the fate of the fronts, on which they had to fight. They fought hard even though the matter for which they shed blood was practically lost. Through a contact with many authors and historians he has access to unique, unknown to a wider group archives both in terms of memoir and photographic material. In his publications, he tries not to duplicate the well-known facts, but each time to bring closer and reveal to readers the mysteries and curiosities that are the symbols of the tragic, last weeks of the greatest of the existing armed conflict, which for many has become a mythical Twilight of Gods. He writes from a desire to tell stories. He believes that reading should primarily be a pleasure. If a story supposes to be boring, better not to show it to the world at all.


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