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The Royal Corps of Signals

Unit Histories of the Corps 1920-2001 and its Antecedents

Author : Cliff Lord, Graham Watson

The Royal Corps of Signals : Unit Histories of the Corps 1920-2001 and its Antecedents

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General - Pages : 416 | Images : 70+ b/w photos

Paperback - Date of Publication : 2004 | Edition : Paperback reprint | Size : 230mm x 145mm | ISBN : 9781874622925 | Helion Book Code : HEL0054

eBook - ISBN : 9781908916044

The ability to communicate is a prerequisite for success both in military and civil life. Surprisingly, everyone expects access to communications, but rarely wonders how it is achieved. The purpose of this book is to bring into focus one of the cornerstones of the success of the British Army, and to provide an insight into the complexity and diversity of the Royal Corps of Signals. This is done, not by narrative, but by delving into unit history rather than campaign history, thus offering a different perspective for the historian. Royal Signals is one of the largest Corps in the British Army, and consists of a body of very highly trained and dedicated personnel to manage, operate, and repair the advanced technology that is theirs to administer. Signals are the Invisible Elite, without them there is no victory. Before the independent Corps of Signals was formed in 1920, Royal Engineers provided communications for much of the Army. Details of their signal units are included. Reflecting the new technologies as they occur, the reader will see the new signal units being raised to facilitate the exigencies of the time. For example, during the Second World War the Golden Arrow Detachments were created as independent, mobile, high-speed transmitting and receiving stations to provide links to Britain, and thus provide High Command with the information from Commanders in the Field that was desperately needed. These units also passed intercepted enemy signals back to England for the code breakers at Bletchley Park. Other specialist Signal units were created for Air Support, Para Signals, Commandos, Interception, Fixed Communications, Peace-keeping and a multitude of other reasons. In today's changing world signals continue to get their message through - Swift and Sure. This book is a must for historians, genealogists, and those that served. It contains: - Overviews of the Signals Order of Battle at specific times in history Detailed précis of specialist signal units including Commando, and Para units History of 35 Commonwealth and related Signal Corps Photographs of many rare signal badges Scores and scores of unit histories both Regular and Territorial from the past to the present

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