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The Iran-Iraq War Volume 2

Iran Strikes Back June 1982-December 1986

Series : Middle East@War #24

Author : Tom Cooper, E R Hooton, Farzin Nadimi

The Iran-Iraq War Volume 2 : Iran Strikes Back June 1982-December 1986


General - Pages : 112 | Images : 120 photos, 15 artworks, 5-6 maps & 4-5 diags

Paperback - Date of Publication : October 2019 | Edition : Revised & Expanded Edition | Size : 297mm x 210mm | ISBN : 9781913118532 | Helion Book Code : HEL1180

The Iran-Iraq War was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century and accidentally created the current nightmare of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. There have been many books on the conflict, but this is the first detailed military history using materials from both sides, as well as materials obtained from US intelligence circles and British governmental archives. It provides a unique insight into a war which began through miscalculation and rapidly escalated into the longest conventional conflict in the post-Second World War era. Volume 2 takes up the account after Iraq withdrew from Khuzestan and is based upon material from both sides: US intelligence data, British Government documents and secret Iraqi files. Iraq’s withdrawal exposed the great southern city of Basra to Iranian attack, but it was shielded by fortifications based upon a huge anti-tank ditch - the so-called 'Fish Lake' - which the Iranians tried to storm in the summer of 1982. This bloody failure left Tehran in a position where prestige prevented a withdrawal into Iran, but the armed forces lacked the resources to bring the conflict to a favourable conclusion. During the next four years, the Iranians tried to outflank the 'Fish Lake' defences initially through the marshes in the north and finally through an attack on the Fao Peninsula, which increased national prestige, but was a strategic failure and paved the way for Iraq’s massive victories in 1988. This followed a series of successful defensive battles in which the Iranians were driven back with great loss. This account describes the battles in greater detail than before and, by examining them, provides unique insights and ends many of the myths which are repeated in numerous other accounts of this conflict.


Reviews taken from 1st Edition:


"Photos, text and profile images will give you an idea on how to paint and weather your model in order to achieve a nice finish. Moreover, publication has great educational value, and I am sure you will know more about the beginning of the conflict and the reasons why it gradually evolved into such big war." Detail Scale View


“The books are … full of pictures of the war, and also have a good amount of large colored side views of the of the different planes, armor, and other vehicles. These are excellent for model makers. The military and political history of the war is fascinating, and the books' writing only serves to make it that much better. These volumes are another score for Helion & Company.” A Wargamer’s Needful Things


“This book is jam packed with excellent information about the Iran-Iraq War.” Military Modelling


“ … Again, color and B&W photos illustrate Helion's account. Abbreviations, extended captions, maps, selected bibliography and chapter endnotes also enhance the effort. And a dozen color profiles – six AFVs and six helicopters – provide plenty of model project inspiration… Strongly recommended!” Cybermodeler


''The book makes for interesting reading while the inclusion of lots of archive images (many in colour), maps and some excellent colour profile artwork which illustrate the colours and markings on helicopters and AFVs which modellers will appreciate. The mix of Western and Soviet equipment on both sides adds to the interest.'' Military Model Scene

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