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More Like Lions than Men

Sir William Brereton and the Cheshire Army of Parliament, 1642-46

Series : Century of the Soldier 1618-1721 #51

Author : Andrew Abram

More Like Lions than Men : Sir William Brereton and the Cheshire Army of Parliament, 1642-46


General - Pages : 402 | Images : 33 b/w photos/ills, 3 maps, 16pp colour plates

Paperback - Date of Publication : February 2020 | Size : 248mm x 180mm | ISBN : 9781913118822 | Helion Book Code : HEL1209

While some military historians of the English Civil Wars continue to focus on the national conflict and major campaigns, and assert that the considerations of counties and regions was little more than a disconnected series of petty local struggles, several new interpretations about the nature and effectiveness of local forces have challenged this notion. This book describes the parliamentarian armed forces in Cheshire commanded by Sir William Brereton in detail. Focusing on the military operations,organisation, leadership, pay and equipping of this army, it explores itscontribution to the wider regional context. In doing so it utilizes a range of primary sources, many of which have neither been studied before, nor published. Although an overview of the broad military campaigns, and the regional and more widespread strategy of the conflict are provided, the author concentrates on the leadership, context and nature of the regiments under the command of Brereton and his officers, whilst casting light upon the composition, supply, clothing, financing and effectiveness of what would rapidly become a seasoned and important fighting force, albeit mainly on a regional stage. The book enhances our knowledge of the Parliamentary war effort and civil-war forces in the northwest and beyond, whilst locating the Cheshire army in its wider military and strategic context. Several new interpretations about the nature and effectiveness of local forces, as well as how the parliamentarian soldiers in Cheshire were recruited, trained, led, paid, fed, equipped and clothed, are extensively scrutinized.

"More Like Lions Than Men is excellent value. The opening fast-paced narrative section is followed by an exemplary scholarly analysis of all elements of the Cheshire army. The text is littered with interesting contemporary illustrations and a judicious use of quotes, though some are too long and could have been paraphrased. The colour plate section of soldiers and flags adds to the production values of what is overall a fine book and one that sets the standard for anyone wishing to attempt the same. If diving deep into an English Civil War army appeals to you then this is a must buy; for those just interested in the ECW and how armies fought, Abram has set you up with a thoroughly engrossing read." HamsterWrangler.com


"This is one of the very best of the excellent 'Centruy of the Soldier' series from Helion.....Based on profound research and very sound judgement, and anyone interested in the English Civil Wars will learn alot from it while being beguiled bu its illustrations and tables." Cromwelliana 2020

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