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For Queen and Company

Vignettes of the Irish Soldier in the Indian Mutiny

Series : From Musket to Maxim 1815-1914 #2

Author : David Truesdale, John Young

For Queen and Company : Vignettes of the Irish Soldier in the Indian Mutiny


General - Pages : 112 | Images : c 60 ills & maps

Paperback - Date of Publication : May 2019 | Size : 248mm x 180mm | ISBN : 9781911512790 | Helion Book Code : HEL0816

This book records the actions of those Irish soldiers (and others) who were awarded the Victoria Cross in the event known to the British public in 1857 as 'The Indian Mutiny'. Since then, revisionist historians have applied other names to what occurred: a 'war of independence', 'a revolt', or 'a great rebellion'... none of these are accurate for the events that began in Meerut on Sunday, 10 May 1857: it was a mutiny; when soldiers refused a lawful command, it was a mutiny. Those former members of the Indian regiments were mutineers and those civilians who joined or supported them were rebels... these were the words of the time and, in recounting the activities of the time, these are the words that should be used. It took two and a half years to quell the Mutiny, and more than half the regiments of the British Army would, at some stage, see action - and this involved only the Indian troops in one of three Presidencies. While many regimental records show the names of those men who were wounded, or who died of disease or were killed in action - allowing a total number to be calculated - the overall cost to the native populations of Indian towns and villages can only be guessed at.


"An interesting and robust read that recalls the tone of Victorian accounts of the same events, and is no less serious a work of history for doing so. The book is part of Helion’s new From Musket to Maxim 1815-1914 series on 19th century conflict; the series is just one of the substantial investments the publisher is making in colonial military history and readers.. should be grateful for its sterling efforts." Journal of the Indian Military Historical Society

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