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21st Century

21st Century

The origins of the mass of wars fought in the 21st century can be found in all sorts of armed and political conflicts and other unresolved issues dating back to the 20th century. While religious extremism seems to be the principal reason for most of the wars raging in the Middle East, south-western Asia, Africa, and even parts of South-East Asia, other factors rapidly growing in importance include private interests, corruption, nepotism, dwindling natural wealth and the lack of prospects for the inhabitants of those regions.

While the mass of the wars of the 20th Century were fought by conventional armed forces or saw a confrontation between a conventional armed force and one or more insurgencies, warfare in the early 21st century demonstrates a fundamental change. The combination of factors like tensions lessened by the end of the Cold War, the proliferation of the mass media and its impact on public perception, growing competition for dwindling natural resources, but also the general war-weariness, has resulted in widespread proliferation of so-called ‘proxies’, especially in the form of non-state actors. Whether in Africa or the Middle East, even in Asia, Europe and Latin America hardly any of the modern armed conflicts are fought without even the liberal democracies or private interests engaging in proxy-warfare.

All of this is having a direct, and almost unavoidable impact upon our every-day lives, in turn making a careful, in-depth study of ongoing wars around the globe, and of related experiences, an issue of crucial importance.

2021 Israel-Palestine crisis (2021)

2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt (2016)

Yemeni Civil War (2015-present)

2014 Gaza War (2014)

Operation Pillar of Defence (2012)

Libyan Crisis (2011-present)

Syrian Civil War (2011-present)

Boko Haram (2009-present)

Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009)

Second Lebanon War (2006)

Iraq War and Insurgency (2003-2011)

Global War on Terrorism (2001-2013)

War in Afghanistan (2001-2014)

Second Intifada (2000-2005)

Second Chechen War (1999-2009)

Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002)

Operation Epervier (1986-2014)

France in Central African Republic (1979-2015)

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