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17th Century

17th Century

The 17th century was the ‘golden era’ of Pike and Shot warfare. The century is seen as a period of not only great social change, but of fundamental developments within military matters. This is the period of the ‘Military Revolution’, the development of standing armies, the widespread introduction of black powder weapons and a greater professionalism within the culture of military personnel. At the beginning of the century the pike with dominant, working with muskets in roughly a ratio of one pike to every two muskets; the dawn of the 18th century witnessed the musket ruling the battlefield and the pike becoming virtually extinct. The century saw the greater use of military uniforms, the introduction of the Grenadier, hussars, dragoons and the light infantryman. First plug bayonets and then socket bayonets enabled the musketeer to fend for himself against cavalry, and ongoing developments in technology witnessed greater mobility and firepower in battlefield artillery.

Jacobite Risings (1688-1746)

Nine Years War (1688-1697)

War of the League of Augsburg (1688-1697)

Monmouth Rebellion (1685)

Great Turkish War (1683-1699)

Scanian War (1675-1679)

Franco Dutch War (1672-1678)

War of Devolution (1667-1668)

Booth's Rebellion (1659)

Northern War (1655-1660)

Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660)

Russo Polish Wars (1654-1667)

Anglo Dutch Wars (1652-1674)

The Fronde (1648-1653)

Cretan War (1645-1671)

Catalan Revolt (1640-1659)

Portuguese Restoration Wars (1640-1668)

English Civil Wars (1639-1659)

Bohemian Revolt (1618-1620)

Thirty Years War (1618-1648)

Ottoman Conflicts in Europe (1526-1699)

Conflict in Japan (1500-1600)

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