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15th Century

15th Century

The 15th century is not only part of the Late Medieval era, but can also be treated as the start of the Renaissance. The century saw the reconquest of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella and ushered in the Age of Discovery, that developed greater links between Europe and the East and start of the colonisation of the New World.

The Hundred Years War, which had broken out the previous century, was still being contested by the English and French Crowns. The century saw the rise in effectiveness of the foot soldier, who, thanks to changes in tactics and weaponry, was able to stand against the heavily armoured knight. The English longbow at battles such as Agincourt, and the Swiss use of massed pikes against the ‘modern’ Burgundian army of Charles the Bold, enabled the infantryman to better his mounted opponents. The introduction of gunpowder and artillery made a significant impact. At Agincourt, one English man was killed by a French cannon, yet in 1453 at the final battle of the Hundred Years War, the English Army was to suffer grievous casualties thanks to their enemy’s use of massed artillery.

Tudor Rebellions (1497-1596)

Italian Wars (1494-1559)

Tudor Period (1485-1603)

Onin War (1476-1477)

Wars of the Roses (1455-1487)

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