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Vincent Hunt

Vincent Hunt is an historical writer and award-winning BBC documentary maker who gathers his material face-to-face in his search to get to the heart of a story. He has crossed America, Europe and Africa making documentaries about world events such as US civil rights, apartheid and the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In Blood in the Forest he travels through western Latvia interviewing eye-witnesses to the overlooked and bloody chapter of WWII known as the Courland Pocket. He meets Presidents, veterans and former partisans, going deep into the forests to hear vivid accounts of long-forgotten battles and terrible atrocities, little known outside the region. Museum archives, private collections, military records, rare newspaper editions and unpublished accounts of the time yield valuable material never published before in English, alongside expert accounts of the secret partisan war both during and after WWII. Hunt’s first book Fire and Ice (The History Press, 2014) was praised for its meticulous research (History of War magazine) as he crossed Arctic Norway investigating the Nazi scorched earth retreat of 1944. Along the way he discovers the shocking stories of 13,700 Soviet prisoners worked to death in sub-zero conditions or murdered by their Nazi captors.


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