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Dmitriy Khazanov

Dmitriy Khazanov, who was born in 1954, is a military historian and a Russian aviation historian. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics in 1977, attaining his Candidate of Technical Sciences PhD qualification in 1989. He was born in Moscow, and still lives in the city. He has written about 60 books or monographs, and more than 200 articles, including those that have been translated into English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, and Czech.##The principal subjects of his research are: aviation in the battle for Moscow, the battle of the Kursk Salient and the Air Force, German aces on the Eastern Front, the Air Force's air combat operations in the second half of 1941, and the story behind the development of Yakovlev and Lavochkin fighters and their performance in combat, as well as MiG-3 fighter, Su-2, Pe-2, and Er-2 bombers. He has also analysed air operations in the battle for Stalingrad, in the Spanish Civil War, and in Operation Bagration (the liberation of Belorussia in the summer of 1944). All these works are written on the basis of Soviet and German archive documents using the testimonies of those who actually participated in these events. Dmitriy Khazanov has prepared historical exhibits, as well as specifically themed exhibitions for museums, and has provided consultation services and given interviews for films on military history and the history of aviation, and has taken part in the screenwriting. He has worked for many years at the Russian State Military Archive (RGVA), and the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TsAMO RF). 


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