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Wargame 1066 Saxons Vikings Normans

Series : Paper Soldiers

Author : Andy Callan
Artist : Peter Dennis

Wargame 1066 Saxons Vikings Normans

Digital Editions

eBook (pdf)  83.55MB

£11.99 Available for immediate download


General - Pages : 48 | Images : Colour ills throughout

Paperback - Date of Publication : October 2016 | Size : 297mm x 210mm | ISBN : 9781911096290 | Helion Book Code : HEL0693

eBook - ISBN : 9781913336677

In these books, Peter Dennis sets the paper soldiers of the 19th century marching again across the wargames tables of the 21st. All the troop types of the wars are represented in full colour in a format designed to create stands of soldiers which can be used to re-fight these epic struggles for the control of Britain. Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of wargame rules, an introduction to wargaming and a simple set of rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even Viking ships to transport Harald Hardrada’s men to meet their fate at Stamford Bridge.

"Another wargame book filled with beautifully painted troops… Highly recommended for anyone teaching, or contemplating wargaming, the struggle for the English throne in 1066." Wargames Illustrated


"....looks like a great way to quickly build playable, good looking armies for the tabletop … I think you could build an impressive army very quickly." miniaturewargaming.com


"Besides infantry and cavalry, Dennis thoughtfully and artistically arms tabletop commanders with everything from buildings to trees and waterways to create a given period’s scenic atmosphere… These inventive books are recommended because they offer both the beginner and the veteran a quick, easy and affordable way to build up formidable opposing forces. Dennis deserves high praise for launching a revival of the art of creating paper soldiers painted so intricately and brilliantly." Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine  

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