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King Arthur's Wars

Author : Jim Storr

King Arthur's Wars

Digital Editions

eBook (epub)  24.96MB

£13.99 £9.99 Available for immediate download

eBook (mobi)  29.95MB

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eBook (pdf)  31.8MB

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General - Pages : 320 | Images : 94 b/w figures/maps, 16 colour photos

Paperback - Date of Publication : October 2018 | Edition : Revised Edition | Size : 234mm x 156mm | ISBN : 9781912390526 | Helion Book Code : HEL0945

Hardback - Date of Publication : April 2016 | Size : 234mm x 156mm | ISBN : 9781910777817 | Helion Book Code : HEL0646

eBook - ISBN : 9781911096962

‘King Arthur’s Wars’ describes one of the biggest archaeological finds of our times; yet there is nothing new to see. There are secrets hidden in plain sight. We speak English today, because the Anglo-Saxons took over most of post-Roman Britain. How did that happen? There is little evidence: not much archaeology, and even less written history. There is, however, a huge amount of speculation. 'King Arthur’s Wars’ brings an entirely new approach to the subject. The answers are out there, in the countryside, waiting to be found. Months of field work and map study allow us to understand, for the first time, how the Anglo-Saxons conquered England; county by county and decade by decade. ‘King Arthur’s Wars’ exposes what the landscape and the placenames tell us. As a result, we can now know far more about this ‘Dark Age’. What is so special about Essex? Why is Buckinghamshire an odd shape? Why is the legend of King Arthur so special to us? Why don’t Cumbrian farmers use English numbers, when they count sheep? Why don’t we know where Camelot was? Why did the Romano-British stop eating oysters? ‘King Arthur’s Wars’ tells that story. 


“ … A totally new dimension to studies of the Dark Ages… A compelling narrative, beautifully written … If you knew nothing about those Dark Ages, this will enlighten you and entertain you too. I heartily recommend it.” Casemate (magazine of the Fortress Study Group)


".... The book really shines when it comes down to the quite extraordinary work Jim Storr has done to identify the possible sites of battles during the Anglo-Saxon period, looking at each of the major kingdoms: Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, and the South West. Of the King Arthur books reviewed here, King Arthur’s Wars is refreshingly different and therefore it is unfair to compare it to the books that seek to identify Arthur. This said, if you fancy a good, solid Arthurian read, this is the book to buy. Very highly recommended." Ripperologist

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