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Hunt for the U-2

Interceptions of Lockheed U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft over the USSR, Cuba and Peoples Republic of China, 1959-1968

Series : Europe@War #3

Author : Krzysztof Dabrowski

Digital Editions

eBook (pdf)  3.91MB

£9.99 Available for immediate download


General - Pages : 64 | Images : 52 b/w photos/ills, 5 colour photos/ills, 10 b/w maps, 1 colour map, 15 colour profiles, 4 tables

Paperback - Date of Publication : February 2020 | Size : 291mm x 210mm | ISBN : 9781913118686 | Helion Book Code : HEL1195

eBook - ISBN : 9781914377525

The Lockheed U-2 is probably the best known spy-aircraft ever, famous for the exploits of its pilots over or near hostile territories. Indeed, the bold and provocative operations flown by the CIA-operated Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have epitomized the rivalry between the United States of America and the Soviet Union during the early to middle Cold War period.

Much has been published about some of the overflights in question – especially the one on 1 May 1960, that ended with the downing of the US pilot Garry Powers. However, exactly how did the Soviets, and then the Chinese armed forces, react to such operations, and what kind of experiences did they go through while not only trying to detect and track, but also intercept and shoot down one of the  high-flying spy-aircraft, is the part of this story that remains largely unknown.

The ‘Hunt for the U-2’ aims to answer the related question through a cross-examination of documentation and participant accounts from all of the involved parties.

Richly illustrated with 100 photographs and full colour, authentic colour profiles of the aircraft involved – whether those configured for the glamorous role of strategic reconnaissance or those designed to intercept and destroy them - and maps, and based on extensive cross-examination of documentation and participant accounts from all the involved parties, ‘The Hunt for the U-2 is a succinct operational history of how the confrontations between that reconnaissance aircraft and those trying to catch it played out and, last but not least, what kind of impact these operations had in not so distant history.

".... The cat and mouse aerial 'battles' proved an interesting read. Enjoyed it." Historical Miniatures Gaming Society


''As a long-time enthusiast of reconnaissance aircraft, particularly the U-2, there was plenty of new information here to absorb. The author has also filled in important blanks for a number of U-2 overflights from when the Cold War was at its height.'' Air Forces Monthly


"... The Polish author is a specialist on the Cold War, and has drawn on numerous archives of former Warsaw Pact countries, thus being able to provide a detailed examination of the development of the U-2's sworn enemy, the infamous anti-aircraft missile V-750V, more commonly known in the West as the SA-2 Guideline..."  Panorama Difesa


"The research is excellent, the text well written and engaging, and the photos & illustrations offer the perfect balance to the story being told." InternetModeler.com


"...this inspiring study is enhanced considerably by the inclusion of several full-colour profiles depicting U-2 and RB-57 Canberra reconnaissance airframes, plus the opposing Mikoyan and Sukhoi types." Airfix


"In my opinion author did a great job of preparing a book which will be equally interesting both for history fans and modellers. Moreover, it is great to see more and more information uncovered about such special aircraft." Detail Scale View

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