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First Chechen War (1994-1996)

The First Chechen War (Russian: Пе́рвая чече́нская война́), also known as the First Chechen Сampaign (Russian: Пе́рвая чече́нская кампа́ния), First Russian-Chechen war, or officially (from Russian point of view) Armed conflict in the Chechen Republic and on bordering territories of the Russian Federation (Russian: Вооруженный конфликт в Чеченской Республике и на прилегающих к ней территориях Российской Федерации) was a rebellion by the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria against the Russian Federation, fought from December 1994 to August 1996. After the initial campaign of 1994–1995, culminating in the devastating Battle of Grozny, Russian federal forces attempted to seize control of the mountainous area of Chechnya but were set back by Chechen guerrilla warfare and raids on the flatlands despite Russia's overwhelming advantages in firepower, manpower, weaponry, artillery, combat vehicles, airstrikes and air support. The resulting widespread demoralization of federal forces and the almost universal opposition of the Russian public to the conflict led Boris Yeltsin's government to declare a ceasefire with the Chechens in 1996 and sign a peace treaty a year later.

Fangs of the Lone Wolf : Chechen Tactics in the Russian-Chechen Wars 1994-2009
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Fangs of the Lone Wolf

Chechen Tactics in the Russian-Chechen Wars 1994-2009

Dodge Billingsley

208 pages Colour photos, 30 colour maps

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