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Cretan War (1645-1671)

The Cretan War (Greek: Κρητικός Πόλεμος, Turkish: Girit'in Fethi) or War of Candia (Italian: Guerra di Candia, Serbo-Croatian: Kandijski rat), is the name given to the Fifth Ottoman–Venetian War, a conflict between the Republic of Venice and her allies (chief among them the Knights of Malta, the Papal States and France) against the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary States, because it was largely fought over the island of Crete, Venice's largest and richest overseas possession. The war lasted from 1645 to 1669 and was fought in Crete, especially in the city of Candia, and in numerous naval engagements and raids around the Aegean Sea, with Dalmatia providing a secondary theater of operations.

The Cretan War (1645-1671) : The Venetian-Ottoman Struggle in the Mediterranean
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The Cretan War (1645-1671)

The Venetian-Ottoman Struggle in the Mediterranean
Century of the Soldier 1618-1721 #33

Bruno Mugnai

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