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Africa@War Series

Africa@War Series 

The 'Africa@War' series covers African military history since 1945.

Public perception of the military history of modern-day warfare in Africa is full of prejudices. Most widespread between these are urban legends about hopelessly unprofessional regular militaries that can neither maintain their equipment, nor operate in conventional fashion. Other accounts are emphasising deployment of de-facto rag-tag militias of blood-thirsty and barbarian child soldiers, of no use for anything else but randomly terrorising the local population. Relatively few Western observers are able of pointing out one or another African military as an effective fighting force.

The reality is strikingly different. Over the last 70 years, numerous African nations have developed highly professional and combat-effective militaries that distinguished themselves in conventional and non-conventional combat operations. However, military history of most of conflicts in question remains one of most badly under-studied topics in our days.

The Africa@War series is the first concentrated effort ever to change this. It is emphasising in-depth studies of conflicts on this continent. It is providing not only geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds – i.e. ‘the coming-into being’ of the conflicts in question – but foremost focusing on involved military organizations, their equipment, capabilities and intentions, strategy and tactics, and combat operations. Each volume is richly illustrated by original photographs, maps of relevant geographic areas and specific combat operations, and detailed colour profiles of heavy equipment deployed by all of involved parties.

The Africa@War series is thus providing a unique, in-depth insight, and indispensable source of reference into all of major wars, and most of major campaigns fought on the African continent over the last 70 years.


The publishers would be pleased to receive submissions for this series. Please contact series editor Tom Cooper via email (tom@acig.info), or in writing to Helion & Company Limited, Unit 8, Amherst Business Centre, Budbrooke Road, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 5WE.