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Author: Robert Kirchubel

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Concord 2009 Paperback 296 x 210mm 52 pages 135 photos, 4 colour plates.



WWI came to be known as the 'War to End All Wars' though alas this didn't turn out to be true. Germany declared war on 4 August 1914 and its von Schlieffen Plan called for a swift and decisive strike through Belgium and northern France to encircle Paris. Of course things didn't turn out this way and German forces weren't able to breach the Marne River. Faced by stiff French and British resistance the initial attack was halted and the tide turned. The conflict bogged down into static warfare and France was soon crisscrossed by trenches as troops dug in for protection. Trench warfare wasn't a new phenomenon but in WWI trench and defence systems almost became a military art form. Hazards in this war included snipers machine-gun and artillery fire disease 'trench foot' and even poison gas. This new book in Concord's Warrior series examines the German soldier as he fought in the Great War. The content spans the whole duration of conflict from 1914-18. German soldiers are shown in a series of black and white photographs printed on high-quality paper. A whole range of uniform types and variations plus personal equipment are on display. A wide variety of weapon such as the Kar 98 rifle and MG08 are illustrated in these period photos too. Of course the type of terrain that the soldiers fought in is also much in evidence and gives an indication of the terrible conditions that personnel had to endure amidst the trenches and wire entanglements. Each photo is accompanied by a well-detailed caption that highlights pertinent points. This volume opens with a detailed description of WWI with an emphasis on the trench warfare that characterized most of the Western Front fighting. The central four pages also depict colour plates by artist Ramiro Bujeiro. These show German soldiers in typical uniforms and personal gear from 1914 1916 1917 and 1918 thus offering a good selection for reference.

Additional Information

Author Robert Kirchubel
Publisher Concord
ISBN 9789623611664
Date of Publication 2009
Edition N/A
Binding Paperback
Book Size 296 x 210mm
Number of pages 52
Images 135 photos, 4 colour plates
Language English Text
SKU MBN12184

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