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There are three bi-annual awards. Entrants will be required to submit a book proposal based on either a PhD thesis, MA dissertation or as a result of private research by 31 August 2018, awards ceremony to occur in London later that same year, venue and date to be announced later. We have assembled a distinguished panel to assess the entries, and the first award results were announced at a function on 24 November 2015. All prize-winners will receive a Helion & Company contract, a very respectable cash sum and bronze figurine. The 2018 prize pot for this significant presence in the non-fiction/academic world will be announced shortly.

Awards categories are as follows:

The Edmonds Prize – for a proposal based on a PhD

The Holmes Prize – for a proposal based on an MA

The Terraine Prize – for a proposal based on private research


Congratulations to Helion Edmond’s Prize winner Stefanie Linden. Her 'They Called it Shell Shock: Combat Stress in the First World War' (Helion & Company 2017) has been a recent “highly commended” recipient of a prestigious British Medical Book Award. Stefanie’s original and ground-breaking work provides new perspectives on the psychological reactions to the traumatic experiences of combat. Throughout the Great War, soldiers were incapacitated by traumatic disorders at an epidemic scale that surpassed anything known from previous armed conflicts. Drawing upon individual histories from British and German servicemen, this book illustrates the universal suffering of soldiers involved in this conflict and its often devastating consequences for their mental health.

To find out more about the book & to purchase a copy click on the following link: THEY CALLED IT SHELL SHOCK. COMBAT STRESS IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR