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Warfare in the Victorian Age

From Reason to Revolution series

The study of anything connected with the Victorian Era remains controversial, largely because the study of this era is the study of Empire. In Britain, in particular, the memory of Empire sits uncomfortably with the public consciousness. This has perhaps improved somewhat in recent years, but there remains some distance to travel before we can have a sensible debate about the good and ills of the Empire.

This is partly why publishers have traditionally shied away from the study of the military history of this era. Thus the chance to present authors with the opportunity to publish their research on military topics of the era is one that I am pleased to be able to offer.

Being a British based publisher there is naturally a bias towards the military history of the British Empire during this period. However it has from my earliest conversations with Helion been my desire to encompass the military history of the entire globe. In short the 'Warfare in the Victorian Age' series will look at the military and naval history of any conflict within the Victorian Era.

There will be several types of book in this series. Firstly there are the books looking at a particular campaign or battle of the era. Such books will be about 40,000 words in length. The aim is to provide something which is both accessible and informative. The first of this series, a history of the Battle of Majuba written by the distinguished historian Professor John Laband, is just that and has set a high standard and given a useful template for the future of this series. Books in similar vein are also under commission, including the Abyssinian Campaign (1867-68), the Sieges of Lucknow (1857), the Battle of Omdurman (1898), and the Red River Expedition (1870). This will hopefully be the mainstay of the series.

Alongside this there will also be numerous others books that cover the military history the era. Alongside general works we hope to have regimental histories of the age, mini-biographies of General officers, and thematic studies of aspects of military life and history. In short the field is wide open, and I anticipated many interesting and original books.



The publishers would be pleased to receive submissions for this series. Please contact series editor Christopher Brice via email (chrismbrice@yahoo.com), or in writing to Helion & Company Limited, 26 Willow Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1UE.