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Middle East@War Series


Following the patterns set by our highly-successful 'Africa@War' series; 'Middle East@War' replicates the same format: concise, inclusive studies, rare images and high quality artwork providing new insights of both well-known and more esoteric aspects of armed conflict in this part of the World since 1945.

Dozens of wars have been fought in the Middle East over the last 70 years. Although considered the ‘backwaters’ of the Cold War and other kinds of conflicts between major powers, many of these proved highly influential – for developments on the international scene, for World-wide economy, but also for development of new military thought, strategy, tactics, and equipment. While studied extensively, nearly all of the coverage published so far was rather one-sided: exclusively based on verbal history provided by Western and/or Israeli sources.

The Middle East@War series is offering a combination of extensive use of official documentation and narratives from participants and eyewitnesses to offer remarkably revealing accounts from different sides of conflicts fought in this part of the World. Except for providing in-depth notes on geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds for each of the conflicts or campaigns it covers, it is focusing on military build-ups, capabilities and intentions, strategy and tactics, conduct of combat operations, and experiences from deployment of various weapons systems.

Each volume of the Middle East@War series is richly illustrated by original photographs, maps of relevant geographic areas and specific combat operations, and detailed colour profiles of heavy equipment deployed by all of involved parties – and thus providing a unique and indispensable source of reference.


The publishers would be pleased to receive submissions for this series. Please contact series editor Tom Cooper via email (tom@acig.info), or in writing to Helion & Company Limited, 26 Willow Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1UE.